What Do Kids Want for Christmas? Apple Products. Lots and Lots of Apple Products

When it comes to devices, kids’ holiday wish lists are simple this year: lots and lots of technology, preferably branded with an Apple logo.

According to a recent Nielsen study, Apple dominnates holiday desires more than ever. 48% of kids aged 6 to 12 want an iPad, which is by far the most-desired item this season.

And while the Nintendo Wii U managed second place at 39%, Apple owned the rest: the iPod Touch and iPad Mini tied for third at 36%, while the iPhone clocked in fifth at 33%. The total score for Apple products is 157%, leagues ahead of Nintendo’s 116% and Microsoft’s 62%.

No other mobile platform appears to attract kids quite like iOS. Twice as many kids prefer the iPhone to Android, while “other” phones—including BlackBerry and Windows—scored anemic lows on the must-have scale.

It’s also interesting to note that the iPad Mini, which would seem well-suited to children, is singificantly less desired than the full-size iPad. Nielsen doesn’t offer any suggestions as to why this may be.