Toronto’s Kinetic Café Adds Saul Colt from FreshBooks to Team

Toronto-based innovation firm Kinetic Café has announced that Saul Colt and Steve Billinger have joined the team in leadership roles.

Colt was the former “Head of Magic” for FreshBooks, helping the company grow to five million users. Billinger was formerly of OCAD University and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

“Adding talent like Steve or Saul is an exciting opportunity, but welcoming both at the same time is a real game changer,” says Kinetic Café cofounder Chris Carder “With Saul’s background growing startups through creativity and innovative marketing and Steve’s experience forming strategic partnerships to build innovative programs Kinetic Café continues to push forward as a leader in Canada’s innovation space.”

As part of their new roles, Colt will lead the Kinetic Startups program focusing on incubating and investing in upcoming startups while Steve Billinger will tackle strategic partnership development.

“The idea of getting to help solve complicated problems all day with creativity while at the same time encouraging people to follow their dreams is baked into my DNA,” says Colt, now Principal of Kinetic Startups. “Minds beat Money is something Kinetic Café believes in and seeing the addition of myself and Steve and also knowing the amazing next moves Kinetic Cafe will announce shortly is a real testament to that belief and something I am very excited about.“

“Saying I am pleased to have joined Kinetic Café would be an understatement,” says Steve Billinger, now Principal of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation. “Being able to work everyday with this team to make amazing things for our clients while having a little fun is exactly what I have been looking for.”

Kinetic says that more “world-class talent” will be joining its team this month.

The consulting firm, which was founded in 2011, is focused on helping forward-thinking enterprises and disruptive startups challenge convention, imagine new possibilities, and  bring meaningful products, services, and experiences to the market.