Kitchener and Christie Digital Light Up the City Hall Cube

Kitchener’s City hall is taking a cue from Blade Runner and Minority Report’s futuristic advertisements by combining digital art and advertising. The large grey cube on Kitchener City Hall will be lit up using two digital projectors donated by Christie Digital which also installed the devices. The project seems to be primarily for the aesthetic value, the digital media cube will also serve as a sort of monument to Kitchener’s commitment to growing its digital media economy.

The official release pitches the new digital media cube as a visual focal point for downtown, a new digital gallery for artists in the community and a test bed for new digital-projection applications and content as well as visual support for events held downtown. Unofficially people love how it looks and Christie Digital is paying the bulk of the bill. Christie Digital’s president and COO said “The Use of the Kitchener City Hall tower as an informative and entertaining medium is innovative, effective and eye catching; it will be seen by many as a beacon that messages Kitchener’s support of our nation’s innovation agenda.”

September will bring even more digital media to Kitchener city hall. The Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener & Area (CAFKA) will be hosting many digital art installations such as The Eye Writer created by Graffiti Research Lab. The Eye Writer will track its users eye movements and convert them into a laser light show displayed on city hall.

There is a video of the laser Eye Writer in action as well as a video of Kitchener’s city hall digital media installation.