Kitchener’s WizeNation is a Hyper-Local Online Bulletin Board

A new Kitchener-born social networking website, WizeNation, has been launched. The idea is, instead of friend requests, locals simply connect based on living nearby each other, shopping at the same stores, or other tying interests.

Launched on February 24, 2012, Wizenation describes itself as “a location-based social bulletin board where users can connect with their neighbors, local businesses, and people with similar interests.” The idea came about when the founder moved for a new job and realized he didn’t know anyone or anything about his neighbourhood. How could he make new friends, get a tour of the city, borrow a wrench from his next-door neighbour? It’s not an easy transition; but with WizeNation, it could be. It pulls from the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and Craigslist to create a hyper-local utility platform.

The website is open to anyone in the world, but only a select few areas are currently active. With only five Twitter followers, the startup isn’t exactly off to a blistering start, but hey – Rome wasn’t built in a day.