Kiwi Collection goes mobile with Mobify

Kiwi Collection, a luxury hotel catalogue and booking resource, is not planning on being left in the dust when it comes to mobile commerce. Today, the Vancouver-based company announced the release of a mobile version of their website to serve their clients better when they are looking for a luxury hotel on the go.

Using mobile ecommerce platform Mobify, Kiwi Collection hopes to capitalize on this ever-growing sector of the economy and make hotel bookings even more convenient for their customers. Mobify was chosen because Kiwi wanted to maintain the functionality of the full website but optimize it for mobile screens. The mobile version keeps all the important functions: search, booking, full mobile payment and image galleries of Kiwi’s exclusive hotels.

“Using Mobify allowed Kiwi Collection to go mobile quickly, without losing our focus,” said Kiwi CEO and President Philippe Kjellgren in a press release. “We’ve already seen an increase in mobile revenue.”

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