Kobo Officially Launches Writing Life, the DIY Author Platform

A little over a month ago the Canadian-born ereader company Kobo released a beta version of Writing Life, a DIY platform for authors that competes directly with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publisher. This week, Writing Life shed its beta skin.

“The wait is over,” Kobo says. “We are pleased to inform you that Kobo Writing Life, Kobo’s DIY author and publisher portal is now out of its Beta testing period.”

We spoke to authors around the world before designing and building Kobo Writing Life and more than 50 authors were involved in the Beta testing, uploading books and using our sales tracking dashboard to check on how their books were doing. We incorporated their feedback and advice and the result is what you’ll find on our website: a DIY portal designed with authors needs and desires at the forefront.

Kobo says it won’t charge authors to use the portal and publish ebooks, like Amazon, and also claims it will pay “10% higher royalties on sales” and offer “much more freedom on pricing.”

“We can’t wait to see what authors will do with this,” said Michael Tamblyn, the executive vice-president of content and merchandising for Kobo, last month.