Komodo Launches World’s First Activity Tracking and Heart Monitoring Compression Sleeves

Komodo Technologies announces the first compression sleeves available to consumers that allow for activity tracking and heart monitoring.

Held tight against the arm, the small tracking devices within the AIO Smart Sleeve and AIO M.D. are able to collect and report crucial information like heartbeat, sleep analysis, intensity of activity and ECG more accurately than traditional wrist wearables.

Designed with style and precision in mind, the breathable, antimicrobial AIO Smart Sleeve provides a more comfortable alternative to the traditional activity wristband that users can wear all day, not just during a workout. The technology features a small tracking device held snugly against the inside of the forearm—the ideal location for collecting accurate readings.

AIO securely connects to users’ smartphones via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), reporting heartbeat, distance, steps and sleep analysis within the AIO app. Created using an application processor from Toshiba, AIO helps users achieve personal goals through an in-app calorie counter as well as intensity of activity (MET) tracking, which measures the amount of energy exerted at any particular point in time.

“Toshiba is excited to have the ApP Lite TZ1000 selected as the application processor for the Komodo AIO Smart Sleeve and AIO M.D. The TZ1000 enables a compact design by integrating an ARM processor, Bluetooth connectivity, sensors, memory and security on a single chip,” said Deepak Prakash, senior director, Logic LSI Business Unit, Toshiba America Electronic Components. “Its low-power design results in longer battery runtimes and the TZ1000 development platform significantly reduced development time.”

Winnipeg’s Komodo is also introducing the AIO M.D. With all the features of the original AIO, the AIO M.D. is the only sleeve on the market with an Electrocardiogram sensor which continuously measures the electrical activity of the heart as it contracts and pushes blood through the ventricles. With one electrode located on the wrist and the other on the inside of the bicep, the AIO M.D. sleeve connects the two via nano trace to provide users with a picture of the overall health and condition of their heart.

“In my own fitness routine, I found that the activity wristbands became cumbersome and uncomfortable, leading to inaccuracies. AIO solves this problem by fusing the tracker to a consistent location on the arm for more precise data,” said Komodo Founder, Elvis Goren. “AIO M.D. takes this technology a step further, notifying users of heart irregularities over time. We’re even working on algorithms that will detect early signs of heart inflammation and coronary heart disease, as well as record users’ stress levels—a convenient and invaluable tool for those who are monitoring their heart condition.”

Available in two different fabrics, the AIO Smart Sleeve and AIO M.D. are currently available for preorder through Kickstarter, and will ship to consumers in summer.