Kony 2012 Generates Over 55 Million YouTube Views Since Monday

The biggest newsmaker from the power of social media in recent memory has been the campaign to make Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony famous for his atrocities. That hasn’t come without criticism toward the charity behind the unprecedented 55-million plus views the half an hour long video has garnered on YouTube since Monday.

Called Invisible Children, they were forced to explain their actions because of a controversial past that includes questionable financial records as only 32% of their funds went to direct services last year, ABC News reported. But the online virality is incredible: this tweet has received an earth-shatterng 265,000 retweets in less than three days.

Co-Founder Jason Russell says: “We are unorthodox and if you don’t accept the unorthodoxy of what we do, then you won’t get it.” 

Some have said the criticism of Invisible Children has only made the video even more popular. Yet Invisible Children says they only have one goal and to focus on what matters is most important—stopping Joseph Kony.

The last campaign to gain so much attention in a short period of time was the Old Spice Guy commercial that gained 20 million views in three days in summer of 2010.

This comes after what became known as the Arab Spring’s citizen uprising in Egypt and Tunisia that was followed by the Occupy Movement in North America last year. AdBusters, the Vancouver-based publication somewhat responsible for the Occupy movement has a “A New World Order” headline on the back of their 100th ever issue. They have also hinted at yet another uprising saying: “The revolution begins when we lose our fear.” 

Others have said it’s only a matter of time before Africa’s youth follows uprisings of the previous year in the Middle East as Techvibes reported in late January that the Internet will reach a billion more people in the next four years to 3 billion total. But the article also reported that Ericsson predicts there will be 5 billion mobile data subscribers by 2016

Is Kony 2012 just the beginning?