KPMG looking for Web 2.0 Pioneers

KPMG and Backbone Magazine are assembling a list of Canadian Web 2.0 pioneers and they’re looking for companies who are leading the way in one or more of the following categories:

  • Problem solving: customer response, idea generation, solution brainstorming
  • Innovation: crowdsourcing, market prediction, participatory feedback
  • Collaboration: jams, customer input, user rankings
  • Knowledge sharing and management: teamware, wikis, blogs and collaborative content creation

I can immediately think of a least a dozen companies across our Vancouver, Toronto, and Alberta Start-up Indexes that deserve a nomination.

Nominees can be a person, a company, a particular product or even one specific implementation or use of Web 2.0 technology. The nominee has to be Canadian and has to be using Web 2.0 techniques in an innovative way, but otherwise the field is wide open. To nominate your favorite Web 2.0, fill out this form before Feb. 15th. Winners will be announced in Backbone’s July issue (and here of course).