Kris Krug’s all seeing eye on the internet

Kris Krug is many things: photographer, new media impresario, and noted beardsman. But his latest venture has the potential to give companies the same all-encompassing view over the internet that currently functions as his version of oxygen.

Krug, who left RainCity Studios on good terms in February, has spent the last few months putting together a bit of web alchemy that he thinks will help companies who need to monitor what they’re doing and what’s being said about them on the internet. Essentially, Krug has built a platform for tracking and responding to any given subject, person or organization, and all of it out of free software. And since the platform is highly customizable, it doesn’t just have to follow one subject but can track many diffferent sources of various updates, be they mainstream media, comments on blogs, twitter updates being searched in real-time, or Flickr pictures searched for revelant tags.

Using a combination of Yahoo Pipes, Netvibes, and various RSS tricks, the platform updates continuously, but the real “secret sauce” is Krug himself, who combines the online tools with his own mastery of social media. Krug is hoping he can take what he’s learned not only as head of Bryght and Raincity but also in his extensive travel, speaking engagements and not-inconsiderable photography career and apply all of it to helping  companies not only cope with the deluge of information about them on the internet, but also mold the info, use it and be able to control their online image like never before.