Kryos announces addition of Android to Velocity enterprise mobile platform

Kryos Velocity logoI’ve been a big fan of Kryos for awhile; I first posted a note about them back in 2009 when they were Gold sponsor of Blackberry Devcon in San Francisco.

As you may recall, Kryos makes an enterprise mobile platform called Velocity, that allows enterprise developers and system integrators to create robust mobile applications VERY quickly using easily programmable XML code snippits and having them displayed correctly and securely (without additional GUI and native handset programming) on over 80 different Blackberry devices, and now a bazillion Android devices as well. By providing a standardized mobile toolkit, with back-end security, and an enterprise app deployment/management app store, enterprises can shrink 4 month development cycles (of native apps) into less than two weeks of Velocity XML programming, not to mention eliminating ongoing maintenance headaches.

In February, Kryos announced IBM Lotus Domino back-end connectivity to their Velocity platform.

So, it’s great to see they continue on their vision by announcing an Android version last week.

It’s not hard to see how this business wins. On the heels of the consumer mobile revolution, the enterprise space is exploding in mobile, and while many corporations are deeply ingrained with RIM, there is also Android adoption occurring. By providing multiple platform support as well as multiple handset support, Kryos offers great value to enterprise mobile productivity.

They are getting good traction; Kryos has been working with customers such as Sykes Assistance Corporation to mobilize their roadside assistance services, and names like Conoco Philips, 3M and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Kryos also has relationships with system integrators across North America for the deployment of Velocity solutions for their own corporate clients.

I should note a quick caveat: I am an advisor to Kryos and recently presented on the Mobile Enterprise space at an investor event; here’s my slide deck if you’re interested … it offers a good overview of the mobile enterprise space: “Commercialization Challenges of Enterprise Mobile Adoption”.