Kryos Redefines Mobile Enterprise With Velocity 2 Platform Release

Kryos Velocity Enterprise XML Cross-Mobile Development Platform on Android deviceTechvibes has been tracking Kryos Velocity for a couple of years, and it’s always great to see a company that is continuously inventing itself as it’s success grows. Here’s the post from last July on the launch of their Android version.

The Velocity 2 release adds HTML5 to the Android and Blackberry versions; it also runs on tablets such as the new PlayBook 2.0 and iPad. There’s a lot more to the Velocity 2 launch. A full version of the press release can be found on the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

In conjunction with the launch of their new website, Kryos announced Velocity 2 yesterday – by using an “interpreted-not-compiled” architecture, the new Velocity 2 XML Cross-Platform Mobile Development tool allows Enterprises to easily create robust internal and client-facing mobile apps in weeks, not months.

“We’ve been in the business of building platforms for enterprises for over 15 years, and the last 4 have been about defining the leading edge of enterprise mobile development,” states Trevor Nimegeers, CEO and Founder. “We’ve learned what enterprises truly value in mobile development platforms. Velocity 2 is the culimination of all our efforts and delivers on many fronts – it’s a significant milestone for us, and for our customers.”

Other items of note:

– Velocity is currently licensed for deployment on over 25,000 enterprise and client mobile devices

– Velocity also launched the Velocity Developer Network (vDev) providing resources and community tools for developers

– They’ve introduced per device subscription pricing; from $12 per month to $4 per month depending on number of enterprise and client devices are using the flexClient app

– They’ve also introduced a “free forever” version of Velocity for teams of 5 or less people — a great way for enterprise developers to try before you buy; and it could be a useful tool in the hands of small business owners.

Enterprise mobility is hot and the largest single investment of IT departments — 41% of enterprises worldwide are increasing their mobile application investments (Aberdeen Research), with another 30% currently evaluating. Kryos is in a good spot!

A little more about Kryos Velocity: conceived in 2008 and launched in 2009, Velocity has redefined how to mobilize the enterprise. Used by companies throughout North America, Velocity is currently licensed for deployment on over 25,000 enterprise mobile devices. The Velocity Mobile XML Development Platform is developed by Kryos Systems. Founded in 1995, with headquarters in Calgary, Canada and offices in Toronto, Kryos is a pioneer in digital, web, portal and mobile solutions for enterprise.