Kryptiq helps Microsoft HealthVault

KryptiqKryptiq, currently #40 on the Techvibes Portland Start-up Index, has announced that their ConnectIQ™ product now supports Microsoft HealthVault™:

Connect IQ™ for HealthVault now allows consumers to view, save and send clinical information from within their HealthVault account, improving coordination of care. Connect IQ for HealthVault is also tightly integrated with Kryptiq’s Connect IQ™ Patient Portal, enabling health organizations to leverage HealthVault in strengthening the relationship between physicians and their patients.

Microsoft HeathVault, as the name implies, is an area for consumers to store healthcare information. However, with the addition of Kryptiq’s offering, the service becomes a communications portal that allows for the exchange of problem and medication lists, lab and radiology reports, care plans and home monitored clinical data.

For more information, see the Kryptiq press release.