Kudolife is a Mobile Social Network and Nutrition Tracker for Foodies

Even though for regular folks it’s a faux pas these days, foodies still love to share—and drool over—food shots on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A new app called Kudolife is a mobile social network built for foodies that boasts the additional feature of turning “foodie shots” into health insights by letting users discover the calorie and macronutrient content of their photographed meals.

With 2.1 million food items and a scoring system called “Kudo Points,” users’ Kudo meters reflect the average feedback received from their friends based on their meal choices. And according to the Vancouver-based startup, users will be able to redeem their Kudo Points for rewards.



“Kudolife combines the best of existing photo sharing and diet tracking applications by allowing users to share, encourage, and monitor their way to a healthier lifestyle,” Co-founder and CEO, Zeeshan Hayat.

The app is being launched “soon” exclusively for iOS 7.