Kutano makes it possible to discover and connect with others on Twitter through the webpages you browse

Kutano is a product that shows tweets in the context of the web page they reference. It helps you find people and information that are relevant to you. Not only does it reference the webpage people are tweeting about, it enables you to have a more robust discussion around a subject than Twitter allows.

They really see Kutano as a tool to bring together people with a mutual interest. Their business model is online advertising through delivery of highly targeted ads based on the user’s Internet browsing and Twitter behaviour. They are currently actively working with the Google Chrome team to be an add-on to Google Chrome and the Mozilla Foundation to get recommended status on their “add-on” directory.

Kutano was founded in 2006. Their CEO is Kevin Ishiguro. Three reasons you should use Kutano, from their website:

You put your comments side-by-side on the web page you are talking about.Where else would you think of going to read or write comments but on a specific web page? Doesn’t this just make sense?

You can put your comments on any web page on the Internet. You no longer have to deal with multiple forums where each one has its own interface and log in information.

Kutano ties your comments to the subject of the web page, not the URL. Your comments will not become orphaned or lost due to regular maintenance and updates of web pages. And, your comments will be available to others searching any web page about the same subject.