LaBarge Weinstein hosts Ottawa-based startup events next week

Hey all, Techvibes has offered up the team at LaBarge Weinstein a channel to promote the startup events and clients that they are working on, and our inaugural post includes a couple of invites for events we are hosting in Ottawa next week. For those of you that don’t know us, we specialize in startup corporate finance, M&A and commercialization work, and we’ve got terrific reach into the tech communities in Waterloo, Toronto and Ottawa.

We host many events over the course of the year to support management team formation in those communities, and we’ve got two great events coming that we wanted to circulate to the Techvibes network. All of these events are free to attend, and we do a fair amount of active networking to ensure that interested folks are getting something out of attending. Wherever you might be, if you like anything, if you are interested in an intro to any of the participants, just let us know and we’d be happy to assist/connect/do our best to bring some value.

The first event is on Tuesday evening the 17th and is focused on cleantech investment, we’ve got a great panel of folks from all walks of investing life (angels, VCs, public) and there is a great group of founders and companies attending, so if cleantech is your thang then please feel free to attend. You can RSVP me at or my dutiful assistant Diana Lavigne at

The second is on Wednesday evening the 18th at our firm’s offices beside the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata. We are hosting a bunch of local Ottawa mobile apps folks to talk about the industry, including deensoft, You i Labs, Crank Software and Rove Mobile. In addition (weather permitting), we are hosting two great mobile guys from Toronto, Alan Lysne from Cascada Mobile and the mysterious Amar Varma, founder of the one of the hottest new mobile apps shops out there, Extreme Venture Partners. I’ve been down to the Extreme VP set up down in Toronto on one my bi-weekly sojourns down there, and it is a very cool setup: teams of developers churning out apps on daily and weekly basis, all under Amar’s steady hand… definitely a sign of the times for the lightning-fast product development to launch cycles that we are seeing with that industry. Would love for you to attend, same RSVP rules as above.