Land a DemoPod at Startup Empire

Toronto’s Startup Empire Conference is giving away 10 FREE DemoPods to worthy startups. What the hell is a DemoPod?

According to conference organizers, a “DemoPod is a space that includes dedicated table at StartupEmpire to allow you to show your software. To meet and greet attendees. To generally get the audience excited about what you are building.”

Sounds pretty cool. A hybrid between a traditional exhibition booth and casual slot at DemoCamp. Makes perfect sense as most early-stage startups nowadays never get around to investing in a trade show booth.

Bring a laptop or two. Bring a founder or two. Be prepared to talk about what you are doing, why you made the decision you have, and what you need next to succeed.

How do you get a DemoPod? Fill out the application form and you might get the DemoPod nod.