Last call for Angel Investors

The 24th Annual Angel Forum in on Monday, November 17th and the presenting companies line-up is full and online – names are in stealth mode to give investors the first crack.

There is still an opportunity for investors to get in the door right up until the day before.

Great mix of opportunities. For angels, this Forum has something for you, no matter your area of interest. Alan, Kelowna. Other investors said: some excellent companies, diversity of presenting companies, 1 page summaries are effective, runs on time.

Lower Valuations: Company pre-screening has focused on lower company valuations to attract investors. Five attractive pre-revenue companies have been turned aside because of $10 to $25 million valuations.

Network with 50+ Angel and VC Fund investors that will attend. Why not share in the due diligence work and the collective wisdom of a group of investors. A recent Angel Investor study reported that 20 hours is median length of time spent on Due Diligence by investors. Where investors spent more than 20 hours, the return was 5.9x (in 4.1 years). If less than 20 hours was spent, the return was only 1.1x (in 3.4 years).

Interested? Register now at and check back here on the day of the event for our coverage.