Lat49 Pins Display Advertising On The Map

It’s become a hallmark of the wayfaring experience, using online maps. Sitting in the bustling centre of a city yet unexplored, wondering where you can find something so specific it would take a long time to hunt for; and you don’t want just an average article of that thing, you want a relatively good one. That, my friends, is an audience hungry for advertising, and so long as the advertising is genuine and particularly relevant to what this foreigner seeks, that advertising is well received indeed.

That’s what the people at Lat49, a Vancouver-based ad network are pushing for with the launch of their new feature MapIt, a system which aims to combine the benefits of display and pushpin ads for a more powerful delivery in on-map advertising, or as it’s affectionately known, Mapvertising. Mapvertising is an ad delivery method that allows brand, service, and retail-based businesses to hyper-target customers by their location through online maps.

The way MapIt works is thus: A confused vagrant stares difficultly at his mobile device, battling the piercing aura of the sun and the rolling din surrounding him; he will search for a place to stay. Straining his eyes, he spots a Holiday Inn display ad in the cloudy glare of his screen, with a little toolbar that says “Map It”. He clicks it approvingly, and to his relief, a handful of little green H’s pepper the mapscape displayed on his screen. He clicks the ad again, recognizing the opportunity presented to him, and is taken straight to the Holiday Inn website where he promptly books himself into a well positioned room.

“Lat49 continues to lead innovation in the geo-contextual and mapvertising markets,” says Keith Ippel, president of Lat49. “By coupling geo-contextual display advertising with pushpins, retail businesses can truly leverage the power of hyper-targeted display advertising and the call-to-action that on-map pushpins provide. Publishers in our network gain from an ad platform that is fully integrated with the mapping experience, which then enhances the experience of their users.”

Usership of this produt is not limited to wayfarers and vagrants.