Launch Academy’s Impact on the Economy and Community

Launch Academy says that, since launching in 2012, 350 early-stage startups have generated 635 new jobs in the local economy and attracted over $57 million in funding.

The Vancouver-based tech incubator, a team of six, says that for every $1 of public investment, Launch Academy returns $61 in GDP to the economy, with the cost per job at only $1228, making it one of the most cost-effective technology hubs in the country.

“The leaders of this facility are providing our fellow entrepreneurs with resources, peer networks and opportunities that are timely and relevant. The ‘entrepreneurs first’ mentality is what has allowed us to become a leader and significant contributor to the BC economy,” says Ray Walia, CEO of Launch Academy.

“Every thriving startup ecosystem needs to have a physical place where entrepreneurs can connect with and learn from each other — Launch Academy is this place for Vancouver,” says Boris Wertz, Founding Partner at Version One Ventures.


Infographic: Launch Academy