@Launch – Day two for Vancouver’s @echoechome

Upon further reflection, I have to say that while the format of the Launch Conference is good, the organization of the actual Launch Pad (fka Demo pit) is lame. There is no map of the various stands, no detailed list of the companies displaying their products, and, virtually no traffic. This becomes more and more apparent as the conference progresses. People looking for mobile or location based businesses to invest in or partner with (or work for!) have NO WAY to find us or anyone else.

At the end of Day #1 (at the suggestion of Dominika – our PR sleuth and champion sumo wrestler) we resorted to storming the stage after the final session to meet the jurists and media. Many folks (including one of the organizers!) were surprised to see us there. WTF?

Due to the positive results of Day #1, we decide to go/stay on the offensive on Day#2. After every session, Nick storms the stage with live demo in hand. As a result, many of the jurists come by our demo pit and, by 3:00 we have been informed that we are being asked to present on stage in the final group of the day. Awesome!

By the time Nick and I take the stage for a live demo presentation, half the jury have already seen our pitch… but the audience has not. The presentation (3 minutes) goes off without a hitch, even with my fingers fumbling to click the right dots on the map. Several women in the audience actually cheer when Nick explains the privacy settings – that no one can see your location on echoecho except the person you share it with, and even then only for that instant. Some jurists remain a bit sceptical, even after the Q&A, but we have definitely sold most of them.

The aftermath is a bit of a blur, loads of positive comments, lots of business cards, some more coverage and hundreds of downloads of the application (oh why couldn’t we have taken the demo live on the App Store 5 days earlier?!?!? – Aside from the fact that it was barely ready for the show 😉 One of the more astute media people point out that none of our coverage has includes out twitter handle @echoechome – another suggestion for the organizers, share the twitter handles of the companies presenting. Another person points out that @echoechome is far too long as a handle.  Probably true.

To all the people who have downloaded the live application in the last few days: Enjoy the basic functionality and rest assured we will have the new iOS, Android (and possibly the Symbian) versions updated within the next three weeks. Blackberry users, sorry but it will be 3-4 weeks more for your Meetingplace/Chat enabled version to hit AppWorld.

To all the media that have covered us, especially @VentureBeat and @BusinessInsider, THANK YOU.

And thanks to Rob at Techvibes for the chance to share this experience!