Lawsuit claims comScore siphons passwords, card numbers and more with virus-like malpractice

ComScore,  an online data tracking service, is under attack by a lawsuit claiming that it siphons confidential information such as account passwords and people’s credit card numbers.

The suit claims that comScore scans files on users’ personal computers when they download its software and modifies their security settings.

ComScore collects user data via people entering sweepstakes and sells its information to major companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Best Buy. This is not the first time thats its practises have caused concerns, but it is the first class action lawsuit to be filed against the company over its suspected misbehaviour.

ComScore says that it obtains consent from users before collecting data and doesn’t disclose personally identifiable information.

But the lawsuit suggests that comScore software is embedded in things like games, apps, even screensavers, all without proper notice to users. From that point, the software acts almost like a virus, dismantling firewall settings and gaining full rights to access and alter files on computers. Plus, the software is virtually impossible to disable once rooted.