Taxi Companies Drop Lawsuit Against Uber in Vancouver

The four Vancouver Taxi companies that joined forces to block Uber from launching in the city have backed down.

The Vancouver Taxi Association issued a statement, saying it dropped the lawsuit because Uber “has since stated it is not operating in the city.” The suit was jointly filed by Black Top & Checker Cabs, Yellow Cabs, MacLure’s Cabs and Vancouver Taxi—all of whom say they’ll refile the lawsuit should Uber announce a return.

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“The Vancouver Taxi Companies are thankful to Uber for respecting and abiding by the laws in The Province of British Columbia and The City of Vancouver, just as the Vancouver Taxi Companies have had to do for over 100 years,” reads part of the statement.

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Uber, meanwhile, says the lawsuit was simply “without merit” and still plans to find a way to operate in Vancouver in the future, though it won’t offer a timeline.