LeadSift Announces Social Media Fingerprinting to Create Deep Insights into Online Identity

Halifax’s LeadSift announced today the launch of the LeadSift Fingerprint, a dashboard built for social users who want to understand how marketers user their public data to classify them as consumers.

Created on a similar principle to Klout, the LeadSift Fingerprint was created due to the fact that social users are always interested in how they are perceived based on their interactions and sharing of articles on the Twitter platform.
The tool crawls through an individual’s Twitter history to uncover psychographic and demographic insights, which is then displayed in a dashboard. Through natural language processing software, the LeadSift Fingerprint gathers interesting insights about Twitter users from their organic social conversations.

The social fingerprint is calculated in a simple two step process: enter a Twitter handle and watch the platform deliver insights and information around the users personality and lifestyle. Users can discover their own social fingerprint as well as friends and acquaintances.  
“Millions of people are sharing their thoughts and actions on Twitter everyday, but what they may not realize is that they end up as a complex difficult to understand information graph,” says Tukan Das, CEO of LeadSift. “We created this platform to provide individuals with the power to see what their Tweets say about them, by extracting publicly available data from their Twitter profiles, which accounts for their social fingerprint.”
The LeadSift Fingerprint uncovers details about Twitter users such, do they have a pet; are they male or female; do they own a car; and what is their profession?

“We created this platform to provide consumers with a better understanding of their social fingerprint, but we also can visualize the endless possibilities for digital marketing teams,” added Das. “Millions of dollars are spent every year on market research to understand the complexities of the target customer. We see a future where brands across a wide range of industries including retail, telecom, insurance, sales, media and marketing can use platforms such as the LeadSift Fingerprint to identify the interests of their ideal customer and plan their marketing strategy accordingly.”