Leaked Video Reveals More About RIM’s BlackBerry 10

Yesterday, Research In Motion reported their quarterly earnings. For the most part, they smashed Wall Street expectations. This surprise performance triggered a major boost in the company’s share price—it climbed a whopping 15% in after hours trading.

While the stock has settled down today (it’s up 8%), the buzz surrounding RIM’s forthcoming BlackBerry 10 launch is palpable. Fueling the fire is a freshly leaked video. 

The video is definitely real, but it was clearly never meant for the public. It’s actually an internal video, made either by a marketing agency or RIM’s marketing department, suggesting a campaign that hypes the BB10 platform ahead of its 2013 debut.

The video was leaked via Vimeo but taken down quickly. However, Slashgear managed to snag a copy before it vanished, so you can check that out here.

In addition to observing RIM’s desire to work with popstar Lady Gaga and author JK Rowling, you also get the best glimpse yet of the form factor of the two new BB10 smartphones. The full touchscreen model still looks extremely bland and generic, so we expect RIM will add finishing details before it launches. But the new Bold, assuming it will still be named such, looks pretty complete.

The BB10 Bold retains a similar design to the current 990 model, but it appears as though the screen is a touch larger—we’ll guess a full three inches instead of the current 2.8 inches. We do know that the screen’s resolution is going to be 720 by 720 pixels, which will be “retina” worthy regardless.

Image: CrackBerry