Learn the 5 Things You Need to Know

The organizers of next week’s Dx3 2014 Conference want attendees to leave educated, inspired and excited about how they can take their digital business to the next level.

With that goal in mind, they have re-thought their approach to content to ensure that everyone that attends Dx3 leaves with ideas and skills that are relevant, easy to understand and practical to implement.

Enter the Dx3 5 Things Sessions. Each session will focus on the five things that you can do to improve your business related to a particular topic.

Continuing in that numerical vein, here are five of the 5 Things sessions — there are a total of thirty-two 5 Things sessions plus keynotes — that we think you should consider checking out.

The 5 Things You Need to Know About…


Historical events used to be identified by newspaper covers that appeared the following day. That has changed. With citizen journalists flocking to Twitter, the 140 character platform has helped the world announce and share the most groundbreaking moments of our time. Some of those moments have come from brands. You have a lot to say. Put it to work for you.

  • USING SOCIAL IN A CRISIS with the Calgary Stampede’s Deanne Carson

Come hell or high water was more than a motto on a T-shirt for last year’s Calgary Stampede. It personified the attitude of Albertans who experienced devastating floods just weeks before the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth was to begin. Along the way, social helped inform. Social helped inspire. Social helped promote. Social helped solve. It certainly didn’t save the day, but it was invaluable to those who did. You don’t know what your next crisis will be. Put your plans in place now.

  • THE BATTLE FOR THE MOBILE WALLET with Rogers Communicatons’ David Robinson

The mobile wallet has been called many things by many people and many companies. Will it be a product of the banks? Will it be developed by the Telcos? Will the credit card develop it or will it be a tech play? While they’re all important and relevant items to discuss (and we will), the most important thing you need to know about the mobile wallet is this: It’s here. And it will have a huge affect on how people buy.

  • B2B SOCIAL PLATFORMS with Salesforce.com’s Matt Sweezey

Still in its infancy, social media marketing has been dominated by activities in the Business to Consumer space. Not surprising. Surely, Business to Business marketing has no place utilizing the platforms we use to connect with friends, family, and the people we forgot from high school. Wrong. Not only is there brilliant social media specifically for the professional crowd, but some consumer platforms are increasingly effective at hosting business-focused communications. Gather round the virtual water cooler.

  • BRAND SUCCESS ON YOUTUBE with Google Canada’s Dave Coleman

YouTube is more than just a place where Charlie bit his brother’s finger and it has more to offer than being an archive for your TV commercials. It’s a data-rich broadcast network for brands looking to own their media opposed to renting it. It’s a subscriber-focused platform with direct communications and it has a wealth of social insights. This isn’t television. And it isn’t HBO. It’s YouTube.

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