As Job Roles Become Less Standardized, Learnkit Offers Education for Evolving Professions

It’s no new news that the economy is continuing to evolve in complexity at an ever-increasing pace. Job roles are becoming less standardized and advanced specializations are emerging out of entirely new industries. Problems are now arising from the divide between demands for professional expertise and traditional education models that are unable to keep up with the rate of change of the employment landscape.

This disconnect between the corporate and academic world is making it harder and harder for job seekers to keep their skills relevant.

Enter Learnkit, a digital learning company that is looking to pave a new era in education.

Learnkit brings together academic talent and industry leaders to produce certificates that fuel the educational needs of emerging industries and evolving professions. Results from a study Learnkit conducted this summer showed that only 30% of employees are receiving valuable training from academic institutions. Learnkit aims to address this challenge by developing relevant learning and education that keeps up with market demands.

“The professional side is missing out on academic pedagogy to train their staff. While the academics lack practical applications of real-world industry expertise,” explains Dave Frey, CEO of Learnkit. “We focus on learning that is tied to competencies, and results in measurable real world outcomes.”

Frey indulges further in the magic behind their approach: “Whether it is corporate training that results in improved business outcomes, or academic learning that leads to more employment opportunity or success in the workplace – we want to create learning that leads to real improvements for the individual, and the corporations that employ them.”

Take for example the role of social media, a now vital component in every industry. Learnkit has partnered with Hootsuite to teach professionals how to effectively integrate social media in their field. By partnering with Syracuse University Newhouse School of Communication, Learnkit and Hootsuite created the Advanced Social Media Strategy Certificate, a credential to help professionals around the world advance their career in social media strategy.

In a world characterized by disruption, Learnkit aims to continue to help ease the transition into these disruptive fields with adaptable, effective and enjoyable learning that sets working professionals up for success in their roles.

“We believe that modern learning technology has opened the doors to a whole new way to consume knowledge,” Frey adds. “We want to create better ways to learn in order to improve the performance of today’s workforce”.