Least Loved Deal Website: Positive Public Perception of Groupon Plunges From 95% to 62% in 8 Months

Groupon’s been performing decently on the stock market since its debut—despite extreme shorting—but the public perception of the company continues to slowly erode.

Amplicate, a social media analytics service, conducted some research and dug up rather interesting results. In October 2010, 95% of opinions on Groupon were positive (data extracted through social media discussions). But by June of this year, a meagre 62% of opinions were positive—a sharp drop in a short time frime. And the decline is much sharper than any major competing group-buying sides, Amplicate says, like Amazon’s LivingSocial.

Customers seem to find Groupon’s ads annoying and its emails spammy. This and more led to Groupon being crowned “the least loved deal website on social media” of the past year.