Lego Man In Space captures media and sponsor attention

By now everyone has likely heard the story of two Toronto high-school students that sent a flag-carrying Lego man in to space. Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad used a weather balloon to send the lego figure 80,000 feet in to the atmosphere, along with several video and still cameras to document the journey.

They made sure a video camera was pointed at the small Lego figure as it made its ascent high above the Earth’s surface. The figure, positioned on a plank holding a Maple Leaf, can be seen where it begins its journey in a wintry Toronto-area park.

Media coverage has been overwhelming and the boys have become mini-celebrities gathering accolades along the way.

The cameras used by the teens were made by Canon and upon reading their story, Canon Canada decided to recognize the two teens with new Canon cameras in the hopes that Matthew and Asad continue to develop inspirational and innovative projects and capture their stories with creative images. Smart move Canon.

Look for Lego Man to be covered in logos during his next voyage.