Let’s Get Digital at Marketing Week 2009

There’s always a risk at conferences with the scope and scale of Marketing Week 2009 to leave the audience puzzled or scattered with the overload of consumption available. The breadth and influx of information shared and learned from the “experts” can, quite frankly, be contradictory and overwhelming in nature. Luckily, this years Marketing Week held true to its promise of offering tangible, focused insights.

With impassioned guest speakers and a truly inquisitive and curious approach, I found the speakers to really understand the present day digital landscape. Infusing their own experiences, successes and very real failures, each presentation shed light on the boldface question “Where is digital headed and where do we go from here?”     

Web2Mobile’s Deborah Reid and Twist Image’s Mitch Joel helped kickstart the event with the duo further solidifying the notion of the digital imprint. Talk of the economy moving marketing budgets online was a universal theme of the day. Deborah noted that:

Because of the shifting landscape evidenced by Ipsos Reid study findings, it’s clear that marketers need to keep their finger on the pulse to maintain this delicate balancing act.

Selected Highlights from Marketing Week 2009

Kevin Nalts proclaiming Viral is dead at the outset of the day. He encouraged attendees to tweet this with a caveat: “Viral is dead, but there are exceptions (Evian Kids).”

Kevin Nalts explaining that “Every new media creates new stars. Who knew Charlie Chaplin before the film? Not everyone can make the leap successfully.”

Introduction to Facebook’s Louise Clements: “This is the facebook friend that everyone really wants as their friend.”

Louise Clements of Facebook Canada asking audience of marketers, “Who knows what a fan page is?” Cue to less than a third of people raising their hand.

David Weinberger declaring to audience – “The internet is a really, really weird place. It’s more than a medium. It’s a world we enter into”

Yvette Nanasi of the Igloo Company: “The capacity of 1,000 000 knowledge workers to innovate is far larger than a few executives. I hope there are no execs in the room!”

CanWest CMO: “Young people are stealing TV and expecting everything for free.”

With poignant questions and statements that will continue to make us reflect for weeks to come, the topics and speakers were forward thinking and evidently relevant. Check back for more in depth updates and coverage from Marketing Week 2009!