Why Buy Two Monitors When You Can Use This Single Ultra-Wide One?

Dual-monitor desktops are commonplace in certain offices, from movie editors to bankers to journalists. So why not make one monitor wide enough to get the job done?

LG has finally done just that with the UM95, a 34-inch, ultra-wide monitor targeted at technology and creative professionals. Boasting a 21:9 screen ratio and QHD resolution of 3440 by 1440 pixels, the UM95 aims to be the go-toscreen for anyone currently or wanting to sport a dual-monitor workspace.

“Whether it is Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, monitor landscape size is directly linked to efficiency of your work,” says LG Electronics, which describes the product as “basically two powerfully vivid displays put together, without a bezel or glare at the edge.” This means colour consistency won’t be a problem—something any photographer will deeply appreciate.



LG’s new monitor is fully compatible with MacBooks and Mac Pros—common tools for today’s creative class—and Apple’s Thunderbolt technology. It also caters to the user with eye-friendly details like a flicker-safe function and Reader Mode, which modifies colour tones. And a customizable four-screen split allows the creation of a virtual workspace that neatly divides things up

 This article is sponsored by LG.