Life Coaching Site Noomii Helps Us Get on Track

I know many people pay thousands of dollars for life coaching, but what if there was an online resource that could give you the same results for free?  Fortunately there is and it’s courtesy of Vancouver-based startup called Noomii (NEW ME).

The site was launched in 2008 and utilizes methods taken from traditional life coaching to help you get your life together in just a few minutes.  According to Noomii, their unique pair coaching system

allows you to become a life coach for your friend, and your friend life coaches you in return..and the best part is that anyone can pair coach with no prior training or experience.

To get started, you sign-up and create a profile with ease. You don’t have to find a coaching partner right away, but it’ll work better if you do have someone already in mind.  Make sure you really like and trust the person you invite to this journey with you (obviously), because you’re sharing very intimate details about your life. Once you create your wheel of life, goals and fill out your personal profile, you are on your way.  There are easy check marks to complete and edit each task and you can even use inspirational images to get you moving (if you’re not feeling that motivated).  Noomii also recommends meetings once a week in person or online to discuss your progress.  The site is free for now, but they will be

offering premium services, as well as a paid subscription for professional coaches, in the future.

Even when times are good, we can all use a little extra help when it comes to life management.  And I think the idea of accountability and stuff you need to get done staring at you on a daily basis really helps makes Noomii’s approcah a success. Visit their Facebook page or sign in to find out more.