Life In A Digital Fishbowl

CIOs, government officials and IT security specialists will be thick on the ground at the 10th Annual Privacy and Security Conference happening at the Victoria Conference Centre on Feb. 3 and 4.  The theme of the conference, “Life in a Digital Fishbowl – A Struggle for Survival or a Sea of Opportunity” highlights the challenges of maintaining security as threats from cyber criminals grow.

Plenary session topics include:

Blackberries and Borders
Electronic Health Records
Web 2.0/3.0
Fusion Centres
Data Leakage
Censorship of the Web
Deep Packet Inspection
Cloud Computing
Communication and Collaboration Tools

Security will be an ongoing concern for companies in 2009 regardless of economic conditions. You might be able to put off updating licenses for some of your office applications, but patching your network and keeping your antivirus up to date is pretty much essential.