Lightmaker Makes Themselves at Home

Vancouver’s tech community continues to flourish in part thanks to a continuing wave of global businesses setting up shop in town. One of those companies is London, England-based Lightmaker. Lightmaker is a Top 5 Digital Agency in the UK and boasts 235 employees worldwide. I had a chance to sit down over lunch today with Lightmaker Vancouver Managing Director Tom Rossiter. Nine months ago Rossiter set out for Vancouver to open Lightmaker’s seventh office, expanding their North American presence to complement offices in Orlando and San Francisco. As their first Canadian production pod, the Yaletown office has been super successful carving out a local niche. Lightmaker’s portfolio includes many companies with offices in the Pacific Northwest, including Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Adobe – so the Vancouver location and time zone aims to strengthen those relationships. Lightmaker’s local skill-set has won them some significant work on a couple interesting web start-ups including – more on those in future blog posts. Look for Lightmaker Vancouver to kick into recruiting mode again very soon.