LinkedIn VP to keynote at mesh 2010

Marketing has taken a dramatic shift since the onset of social media tools.  They have allowed individuals to take control of their messaging and compete with some of the bigger players in marketing.   What does marketing (online or traditional) and this year’s mesh conference have in common?  Connecting:

mesh is a chance to meet people who are just as passionate and interested in the Web and its potential as you are, and looking to learn how it is changing the way they live, work and play. Connect in one of our interactive panels and workshops, during our extra-long networking breaks or at one of our legendary social events.

Yesterday, the organizers of mesh announced that Arvind Rajan, VP International of LinkedIn will be scheduled to keynote. 

Arvind has been in the world of grassroots or connection marketing for many years, and through his role leading LinkedIn’s International efforts is – literally – at the hub of their growing ecosystem which makes personal and business connections possible.

This is just another reason why this year’s mesh should not be missed.

Tickets for the mesh conference can be purchased here.