#nextMEDIA – Links, quotes and tweets from Strategies for Everything with Alexander Manu

Warren Frey’s article on Alexander Manu’s keynote presentation is up. Here is some additional context. 


Alexander Manu’s wikipedia entry. Manu’s blog


“lack of agility is what characterizes the elephant”

“the new dreamcatcher is the iPhone” 

“location based services will likely be the greatest source of monetization for web 2.0”

“create media to create engagement”

“how to transform a crowd into an audience” Magic and participation 

The greatest biz opportunity is what’s around me right now”

“Every company with audience is in the media business” 

“The business plan is how you make money. The business model is how you make the money.

“technology cannot be monetized only behavior can” 

“Innovation is the constant and business is the variable”

“The greatest biz opportunity is what’s around me right now” 

  • data
  • info
  • knowledge
  • wisdom – These 4 things are what location apps can provide. He uses crowdsourcing and location owners to acquire the data.


  • @semmerson strategic foresight is not about what people are doing, but what people are about to do. alexander manu at#nextmedia
  • @adamfroman Listening to Alexander Manu at #nextmediatalk about strategic foresight and innovation – awesome articulation
  • @nitchblog “The greatest example of disruptive business is the app store” – Alexander Manu#nextmedia
  • @nitchblog “Technology cannot be monetized, only behaviour can” – Alexander Manu. This guy is a soundbyte machine!#nextmedia
  • @mattdipaola Blown away by Alexander Manu this morning on everything 2.0. Brain is reeling from it. So good.