Linquet Looks to Power Sharing Economy with Latest Iteration of Product

Linquet, an “Internet of Things” company focused on connecting the real world to you, is launching a pre-order campaign for the latest generation of its cloud-based technology.

Linquet started its journey by solving an old problem for 1.9 billion smartphone users, introducing the first cloud-based anti-loss solution for phones and valuables. Users attached tiny devices to their belongings and using Bluetooth linked items to their phone, both of which sounded an alarm when they fell out of range, with the locations updated to the cloud in real-time.

Following up on that product, this new generation takes aim at powering the “sharing economy” through the magic of the IoT.



“We’ve all been there. We always lose or misplace our phones, keys, wallets, laptops, pretty much everything,” explains Pooya Kazerouni, Linquet’s president. “Now, we have a product that is much more than a great anti-loss solution. Not only does Linquet prevent your valuables from getting lost in the first place, but it also allows for smart sharing and connecting of important items with guests, acquaintances and customers.”

Powered by “Smart Profiles” and a network of “Trusted Friends,” users can now share keys with out of town guests (think AirBnB), rent out their bikes on sunny days, or even lend an expensive accessory to a co-worker.

Linquet will be releasing a cloud-based API, which will allow developers and partners to build apps for Linquet or integrate it with their own products and services in any field, from education to to transportation to retail.