Listen Acquired by SFX Entertainment, Startup Dismantled as Team Moves to New York

Listn is joining Beatport, the world’s largest electronic music community, in New York.

The Montreal-born startup was acquired by SFX Entertainment, which is driving the Canadian company’s move to the Big Apple. Or rather, the team’s move—the company itself will be dismantled at the end of the month.

“To focus our energy on all the exciting projects at Beatport, we will be shutting down Listn at the end of the month,” said Mike Schmidt, cofounder of Listn. “This means that Listn will continue to work for everyone that has it installed until October 30, but it will be removed from the App Store today.”

Last year the startup, which $500,000 from Real Ventures and BDC Venture Capital. The platform pulled music from sources such as iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube and assembled them in one place to make it easy for users to share their music collection with friends, regardless of source.

“Listn embraces the openness of the mobile web and its potential to bring people closer together,” said Schmidt last year. “Listn connects people through music by enabling users to browse each other’s music collection, whether they are best friends or even strangers.”