Live Current Communicates Name Change announced this morning that it is now operating as Live Current Media Inc. pending shareholder approval later this year. Also announced today was a definitive agreement to acquire Auctomatic – an early stage start-up funded primarily by Y Combinator LLC. Auctomatic has developed e-commerce technology and tools that enable sellers to easily transact online through sites such as eBay. The acquisition of Auctomatic will jump-start Live Current’s technology and product development capabilities. All individuals from Auctomatic will be joining Live Current in Vancouver in connection with the proposed acquisition, including founders Kulveer Taggar, Harjeet Taggar and Patrick Collison. It looks like the new team will be blogging about their plans with long-time blogger Adam Rabiner kicking it off this morning followed by CEO Geoff Hampson. With the new team in place, Live Current will focus on building its premium properties into engaging destination sites – monetized through advertising revenue and e-commerce.

Live Current’s focus will be to integrate all aspects of the ways in which consumers interact with the Internet today, including mobile, into these DestinationHubs(TM), enabling users to discover more and get closer to the information they are passionate about in their daily lives. The company will focus initially on building these DestinationHubs(TM) within the categories of travel, sports and health & beauty.

Disclosure: Techvibes Media Inc. Directors Boris Wertz and Geoffrey Hampson are also Directors of Live Current Media Inc.