Live from nextMEDIA 2008: Sizing up the Mobile Entertainment Industry in 10 Minutes or Less

Will Hodgman from M:Metrics Inc. shows what is and isn’t working in the mobile entertainment industry:

  • comScore acquired M:Metrics on May 28th, 2008.
  • The "Mobile Trinity": what device, what & how is content offered, what people are doing & consuming.
  • Pay As You Go vs. All You Can Eat: "Who do you think walks away full?"
  • Water or Soda? "If you put more soda in the hands of consumers, they drink more soda."
  • If you put unlimited data plans together with reasonably sophisticated smart phones, usage goes through the roof. This is a good thing for everyone.
  • If you look further, such as with the iPhone, usage is much higher than with other smartphones.
  • Bigger pipes, more consumption. Think about a 56K fax modem versus today’s broadband.
  • Video consumption is significantly higher on 3G networks, unsurprisingly.
  • What drives mobile entertainment? Economics, capability, and bandwidth.

Will finished with: "This is the only medium that I’ve ever come across where the consumer wants advertising. Why? Because if its cheaper, they’ll take it."