LivingSocial launches in Vancouver and Toronto

Local group shopping site LivingSocial, today announced the launch of 25 cities that include two North of the border: Toronto and Vancouver. Through organic growth, LivingSocial has been expanding at a rapid pace since the beginning of 2010 with launches across the US, UK and now Canada. Today’s annnouncement nearly doubles the amount of cities it offers daily deals in.

“Since launching in July 2009, LivingSocial has been at the forefront of the now explosive group buying space, and we have spent the year focused on growing organically to give local merchants a bold new way to market, and exposing locals to the best products and services in their area,” said Tim O’Shaughnessy, CEO and co-founder of LivingSocial. “These next 25 cities are just the tip of the iceberg.  We are committed to becoming the pre-eminent way for local businesses and consumers to interact. We will not rest until we’ve truly created a new way for local commerce to occur.”

Identical to Groupon, the site offers a new promotion every morning, announced via its website, newsletter, Twitter, Facebook and iPhone app. Live for 24 hours, the Deal is available to anyone who clicks on it.

However, LivingSocials’s referral model is unique and gives users their Deal for free if they refer three friends who also participate. With a user base of more than 85 million people, LivingSocial is able to provide local merchants with the unprecedented ability to reach both local customers and a worldwide audience.