Local Domainers go National

Saturday’s National Post article BC’s Masters of their Domainsdid an excellent job of uncovering what very few people know about Vancouver – it’s a hotbed for Domainers.  Domainers are individuals whose profession is the accumulation and dealing of Internet domain names however Big Business is getting more and more involved in this space.

Kevin Ham Business 2.0 CoverThis recent wave of press coverage for the elusive industry was triggered by an front-page article in Business 2.0 this month about Vancouver-resident Kevin Ham and his company Reinvent Technology. In the article titled The man who owns the Internet, editor Paul Sloan manages to pin down Kevin for an interview about Reinvent amazing growth and his recent coup regarding the Cameroon country code extension. If you’ve mistakenly dropped the ‘O’ from a .COM address in the last couple weeks, you’ve most likely seen one of Reinvent’s parking pages filled with ads.

The National Post article highlights local e-commerce company Communicate.com, who own and operate hundreds of premium dot.com domain names, including Brazil, Body, Boxing, Cricket, and Perfume. Perfume.com has been developed into a thriving online e-commerce site selling every fragrance imaginable, however many of their domains have yet to be developed and are waiting for the right partner… or price.

Disclosure: Communicate.com CEO Geoffrey Hampson is a Director of Techvibes Media Inc.