Local Review Sites Keep Popping Up in Vancouver

As the saying goes, it’s all about your timing and delivery.  And the timing must have been right for Darren Patrick, the founder of a new start up with the same name–Timing and Delivery– to launch in the summer of 2007. Since then, the company claims to have grown so much in fact, that it has outgrown Vancouver and moving to conquer the lucrative (READ: larger) market of Toronto as well.

Created in late 2007, timinganddelivery.com has grown into an expansive service experience guide that has been covered by the media, ranked by popular blogging and social networking platforms, and read by subscribers from all over the world.  Our team of writers work hard at delivering fresh, independent and undeniably entertaining service experiences right out of your own backyard.

The site uses a simple WordPress blog, medium sized glossy photos and short, catchy reviews to captivate advertisers and visitors.  Everything that is service based gets a review.  Kind of like a Yelp.  Actually, it is Yelp. 

For me, the difference is that I don’t know Darren or his people, so how can I trust his reviews?  I’m just playing devil’s advocate, nothing against the site or Darren.  I think Yelp has succeeded because you can read the person’s profile and see their photo and then determine if you think you’re most like that person.  Birds of a feather?  Makes sense.  Actually, to be completely honest, Darren contacted me through my Yelp account, and invited me to join him as a writer for his site.  Approaching people who are already reviewing places in their city is a smart move, indeed.  Timing and Delivery’s pay model however is not so attractive (unpaid, ad-incentive).  If he was a Yelp and got millions of hits per month, the ad-incentive model would work, otherwise it’s not worth it. For my time, anyways.

So this leads to my next question and thoughts:  I have yet to find a one-stop-shop Vancouver site that I can visit for all my lifestyles news (reviews, service experience, tips for sales, events etc.) AND a place that I trust and fits me.  There are so many out there, maybe aggregating all the content to one site is the answer?  I wish I could just go to one place and get all this gorgeous information.  Help?