Location Aware Reminders with Toronto’s Task Ave.

The following is a guest post from Erin Bury and it was published earlier this week on her blog. _______________________________________________________________________________________

Some amazing projects have come out of Startup Weekends around the world – Foodspotting anyone? So it’s no surprise that Toronto’s first Startup Weekend in September was full of innovative ideas. The winner of the competition was Task Ave., a location-aware reminder app built by some of my close friends in the Toronto community. 

The guys (Matt, Satish, Nathan, Tony, Mark, Brian) have been working hard over the past few months getting the app ready for public consumption, and I’m happy to report that it’s now available for purchase in the iPhone app store. So why should you pay $2.99 for it? Well, first of all if you know any of these guys I’ll probably have to stop you from buying it three times – they’re all such great guys and have put so much work into it. But in terms of the app’s functionality, it will wow you enough to warrant your pocket change. 

The app allows you to create a to-do list associated with locations. For example I know I have to buy hand soap on the way home today, but I’m really forgetful and I’m sure it will slip my mind. I simply tap the List tab, add a new item (Buy hand soap), and attach “Shoppers Drug Mart” as the location – I pick the one closest to me and voila, the task is entered. But here’s the kicker: as soon as I come within 500m (or whatever distance you set, from 500m to 13km) of that Shoppers Drug Mart, which I likely will on my lunch break or way home, a reminder will pop up telling me to buy hand soap. Genius! You can view a map with all your tasks to see where you need to go on your way home, and you can also adjust your settings to remove tasks after they’re completed. 

If you’re forgetful like me, or if your significant other always yells at you for forgetting the milk, then this simple reminders app is for you. And if you always remember to do everything on your to-do list all the time? You deserve a medal.

Congrats Task Ave. guys!