Location tagging… if you’re going to do it, do it with pictures!

I’m not crazy about the idea of real-time geo-tagging. One, I’m a girl. I’ve been taught to not publicize my whereabouts ever since I can remember. Two, I have a home, with stuff in it, that I would like to make sure doesn’t get burglarized. Telling people where I am seems rather synonymous with “I’m not home… go steal my stuff”(apparently, some people agree). And yet, despite both my learned and innate hesitations, I recently downloaded a location-based photo and video-sharing app from the iTunes store called SquarePik.

If you haven’t already heard of SquarePik, you may have guessed by its name that it gives Foursquare users the ability to check-in to their locations with pictures and video. And if you haven’t heard of Foursquare, well… really? The popularity of this app has amazed me. It seems people are letting go of their security concerns over their location just as quickly as they did regarding credit card information.

Credit cards and location tagging are two different paradigms that share one driving force – convenience. Ordering products from home is easier than driving to a store and waiting in line. Sharing one’s location makes it easier to keep up with friends, discover new places that might be fun, or even realize that you are spending way too much time at the bar and not enough time at the gym. In the future, location sharing will likely give you a store coupon when you’re actually in the store (idea courtesy of @ryanparsley).

Until I can get paid in the form of coupons for posting my whereabouts, I’m still not too keen on sharing my location, but if you are, I highly recommend you do it with flare! Don’t just use Foursquare. Use SquarePik to add photos and videos to your check-ins. The app is only $1.99 and simple to use. Just log in with your Foursquare credentials and Foursquare’s API will find nearby locations. Then, click to upload photos or videos from your library or take new ones then and there. Next, SquarePik will check you into Foursquare along with your media, and send links to your social networks if you have those options enabled in your Foursquare settings.

SquarePik was the result of a joint effort between two fabulous South Florida companies: 39, a development firm specializing in applications both for web and iPhone, and Pikchur, a service provider for sharing photos and videos on social networks.