Canadian Startup LoginRadius Now Reaches 10 Million Users per Month

Edmonton-based LoginRadius’ social widgets are now reaching 10 million users per month, the Canadian startup says.

The milestone has been achieved during a period of “enormous growth,” according to the 14-person company. Launched in 2011, LoginRadius now serves 45,000 businesses around the world  through a variety of products.

“We are overwhelmed by how fast our products are getting adopted, especially within the global community. It’s amazing,” says Rakesh Soni, a cofounder. “I see huge growth potential for LoginRadius in 2013.”

LoginRadius provides social infrastructure, noting that any business with an online presence can use the startup’s service to leverage the power of social media for their website. The company’s solutions help businesses manage online identities, increase user engagement, utilize social media for marketing, capture consumer data, and understand consumer behavior via social analytics.

“Our solutions are highly scalable and can support millions of users,” adds Deepak Gupta, LoginRadius’ other cofounder.

Last year, LoginRadius partnered with Mozilla on their Persona project. “The LoginRadius team is responsive and committed to supporting a wide range of platforms and programming languages,” Dan Callahan, a senior software engineer at Mozilla, said of the startup at the time. “We’re excited to see Persona amongst their login offerings.”

Now firmly established, growth is the name of the game for this Edmonton company. “We look forward to serving hundreds of thousands of customers in 2013,” Gupta says confidently.