Long term strategies in a 3.0 world

On May 10th-11th, the culmination of digital is coming to Stratford, Ontario in the form of Canada 3.0. Conference organizers explain that whether you’re a Content Creator, Tool Maker, or Tool User, this is your chance to influence the national digital media action plan. Attendees are encouraged to become part of the discussion to ensure Canada can not only compete, but also lead the world, in today’s new digital economy. 

The interesting thing about the Canada 3.0 conference is its inherent look at long term strategies in a digital context versus the oversaturation of short term tactics that are often prevalent in today’s rhetoric. Digital momentum over the long haul: that’s what Canada 3.0 is about.  According to event organizers,

the event itself provides a once-a-year opportunity for Canadians in digital media to come together to discuss the key issues and make the plans required to propel Canada to a leadership position in global digital media. But Canada 3.0 is greater than an event – it’s a shared idea that requires the energy and passion of inventors, academia, entrepreneurs, industry, and government to become reality. The Canada 3.0 Community provides the repository for collecting and sharing the information, discussion, and outcomes of our collaborations.

Keynote speakers include: Sarah Prevette (Sprouter), Tony Chapman (Capital C), Kevin Newman (Global National) with topics ranging from; What is the Impact of a Borderless Digital World?? to Startup Nation: Entrepreneurs, Apps and the Next Generation of Mobile

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