Lookee TV makes international broadcast content portable

The 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is coming to a close on Sunday. The big highlight this year looks to have been the tablets. Dozens of touchscreen tablet products or prototypes have been announced. While tablets may have all the attention, one Canadian company is bringing something to its portable device that makes it stand-out: content.

While Lookee TV certainly doesn’t have the same tactical appeal as the sleek tablets at the show, the 4.3” Portable Wi-Fi Internet TV and Radio Player has access to over 1,000 TV channels and over 30,000 radio stations and podcasts from around the world. With no subscriptions costs, users are able browse channels by regions, genres, languages and keyword search. For our nation of immigrants, getting news from back home has never been this easy.

Its TV-out function also allows users to watch internet TV channels on a home TV. And Lookee TV is looking to expand partnerships with broadcasters and is working on add-ons for the device. The units are priced at around USD149.99 and are ready to ship this month.

Fresh from an October Gold Award win at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Lookee TV is at CES and can be found at booth #12246 in the Central Hall.