Looking for entrepreneurial guidance? Then step into Mr. Tam’s office

If you’re looking for guidance from the proven business leaders making up the roster of the BCTIA’s CEOs in Residence program, you’re in luck; one of those CEOs, Bill Tam, is taking appointments.

Tam will be meeting with entrepreneurs by appointment at the Wavefront Offices every first Wednesday of the month. You can meet with him any time between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. His first day at the office will be December 1st.

Bill Tam has been involved with new telecom and wireless ventures for 18 years. Strategic marketing is his speciality and he is President and CEO of EQO Communications. In the past, he has been an executive with MetroNet Communications, AT&T Canada, Rogers Communications, Jones Cable, Infowave Software and Bell Canada.

To arrange a meeting for December 1st, please email selbe@bctia.org. For more information about BCTIA’s Centre4Growth (C4G), go to www.centre4growth.com.