Looking for startup funding? Look no further than Fundica

Startup entrepreneurs from Ontario and Quebec have a new friend in their corner when it comes to the fight for funding.

Fundica, what was originally a consulting service, has released database software compiling grants, tax credits, loans, loans guarantees, and equity funding from Canada’s two most populous provinces. As well, Fundica gives results based on company size, needs and sector.

Fundica isn’t just valuable for companies seeking investment; investors and grant providers can add their funding source to the Fundica database for free, and update details as necessary. Private organizations and governments of all sizes are able to add themselves to Fundica. In addition to matching recipient companies to these funding sources, Funica helps build visibility for organizations offering funds.

At $495 for six months, the premium subscription to Fundica includes database access, plus an hour of consulting and free updates to the database. A free subscription is available, but this just allows viewing of the existence or non-existence of funding programs plus a few additional details.

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